Dokra Kali in Kolkata is the only idol in the world, where Goddess Kali is worshipped in this ancient tribal art form. Dokra is a traditional craft that uses lost-wax casting, commonly called “Cire Perdue,” to cast non-ferrous metals. It is the oldest non-ferrous metal casting technique that humankind is aware of.

The rudimentary method dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Because of its primitive simplicity and astonishingly detailed designs, Dokra’s artistry is widely regarded worldwide. The figures are even more appealing because of their rustic and antique polish. The popularity of dokra art has grown recently and is now exported to countries worldwide.

Want to join our cause?

At the initial phase, we had to accomodate the idol in a smaller space to continue worshipping Kali Mata. We are planning to extend/add some facilities like bigger space, increase safety measures, quality of worshipping during rush hours etc. And for those purposes, we need to build a dedicated Temple. So we welcome whole-hearted contributions from the devotees as well as well-wishers. Please feel free to donate to build the Dokra Kali Mata Temple.